Build upon a cohesive academic and co-curricular student experience that fosters self-direction and empowers students to develop interdisciplinary solutions to critical issues.

Strategic Plan - Wheaton College - Norton, Massachusetts

As a residential liberal arts college, Wheaton offers an immersive living and learning experience that few other institutions can match. We will help every student make the most of this powerful and personal educational environment by reconsidering and revising how we teach, what we teach and where we teach. We will conduct this work on three separate but related tracks: the completion of a comprehensive curriculum review and redesign to begin immediately; a campus-wide effort to integrate co-curricular activities into the academic program; and enhancement of the clear connections that exist between students’ Wheaton experience and postgraduate plans. In all of these areas, we will foster a culture of experimentation and accountability.

The initiatives arising from this strategic priority are motivated by an expansive and innovative vision of “curriculum,” including not only the design of general education and major requirements but also the learning that takes place in co-curricular activities and real-world experiences, such as internships, research and service. Through this effort, we will ensure that the Wheaton curriculum continues to attract and retain a talented and diverse population of students while preparing them for employment, graduate school and global citizenship. This will require consideration of our academic structures and the support services that allow us to provide our academic and co-curricular student experience.

We recognize that our efforts to be a diverse and inclusive community—in terms of race, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic background, spirituality and sexual orientation—must be reflected in our curricular and co-curricular programs. As our student population becomes more diverse and we continue our work on creating a more inclusive environment, we must focus on expanding academic and experiential programs that support multicultural and global knowledge and intercultural competence among students, faculty, and staff. Through building more intentional connections to coursework, co-curricular pursuits and study abroad experiences, we will help students personalize their learning experiences and create more opportunities for high impact learning experiences that benefit all Wheaton students.

Strategic Plan - Wheaton College - Norton, Massachusetts

As part of our work to update and improve our curricular and co-curricular offerings, we will strengthen campus-wide collaboration and experimentation, so that we can readily adapt to changes in practice, technology and pedagogy.

In every area, we will encourage and nurture the college’s culture of experimentation, investing the resources needed to spur innovation. However, we must also be willing to evaluate the effectiveness of our activities, prioritizing those initiatives that will have the greatest impact on our academic and institutional goals.