Grow and steward our resources to support our aspirations and further broaden student access to a Wheaton education.

Strategic Plan - Wheaton College - Norton, Massachusetts

Wheaton is a mission-driven organization, seeking to provide an exceptional liberal arts education for the 21st century to a diverse population of students from around the world. We continue to believe that the best way to prepare students to address critical issues, and to take action on the solutions they develop, is with an immersive face-to-face residential experience. We remain committed to this learning environment and to creating the conditions that enable students of all means to experience its benefits.

To realize our community’s ambitions to excel, we must be energetic and creative in growing our resources, and we will work on multiple fronts to make the progress required. First, we will encourage careful, measured growth in the student population to reach an optimal size that enhances campus vitality and makes best use of our resources. This includes modest growth in new students as well as improved retention of existing students.

Strategic Plan - Wheaton College - Norton, Massachusetts

Beyond enrollment, we will continue to develop programs, such as the innovative Discover@Wheaton summer experience, that reflect and amplify our strengths as a liberal arts college while increasing revenue.

The generous philanthropic support Wheaton has enjoyed will continue to be important, too, particularly in providing the flexibility to pursue our strategic initiatives. Finally, we will be thoughtful and strategic in the use of resources, evaluating what we do and how we do it for the greatest efficiency.