Recruit, develop, and retain an exceptional and diverse faculty and staff who are committed to our student-centered mission.

Strategic Plan - Wheaton College - Norton, Massachusetts

Wheaton’s faculty and staff are recognized as leaders in liberal arts education and in their fields of specialty, and they are crucial to the personalized education and remarkable growth experienced by our students. The scholarly and artistic engagement of our faculty not only raises the profile of the college to external audiences but also directly shapes the curriculum and expands the experiential learning opportunities for our students. To continue to recruit and retain exceptional faculty and staff who bring passion, expertise and diverse perspectives to their work with students, we will strive to align our compensation and benefits with that of peer institutions and to grow professional development opportunities.

Further, our long-term viability and vitality depend on our ability to attract and retain faculty and staff who bring the racial, ethnic, cultural, gender and sexual orientation dimensions and competencies that are essential to our curricular and co-curricular activities. We will review and update our goals for faculty and staff diversity. In addition, we will enhance our hiring and management processes, tapping appropriate pipelines for candidates, offering additional support for employees who come from underrepresented populations and establishing accountability measures for hiring managers.