Enhance the campus environment and infrastructure to meet students’ needs and to support the innovative and high-quality curricular and co-curricular programs that shape their experiences.

Strategic Plan - Wheaton College - Norton, Massachusetts

Our extraordinary campus serves as a reflection of our student-centered mission, and we must continually assess how our infrastructure aligns with our institutional priorities. We will complete a master planning exercise in 2016 to examine the utilization of space on campus to identify renovations and enhancements that support our institutional emphasis on connections and our commitment to fostering a diverse and collaborative community. These connections and collaborations occur across many dimensions: among students, faculty, and staff; among academic programs across campus; and between academic and co-curricular initiatives..

Solar field

The systematic and continuous review of the environmental impact of college practices will become an explicit and visible part of the regular operational focus of the college.

In addition to the attention given to the purely physical infrastructure, we also must ensure that our technology infrastructure and systems are sufficient to support the curricular, pedagogical and other operational needs of the college for the present and are flexible enough to adapt to our future needs. In addition, we will carefully analyze our resources in light of the staffing needed to make use of and maintain these systems.

As Wheaton has evolved and grown, our impact and connections with the town of Norton have changed. We will seek ways to connect the college and the town more closely for our mutual benefit. We will explore collaborations with the town and local private partners to rethink the spatial, commercial and municipal connections between Wheaton and Norton to help make the town an even more attractive destination for students, faculty and staff to live and work.