Increase the meaningful engagement of our alumnae/i in the life of the college.

Strategic Plan - Wheaton College - Norton, Massachusetts

When we speak of Wheaton, we speak of community as much as place. The college draws considerable strength from alumnae/i as well as parents and friends of the institution. The college’s relationship with alumnae/i should be a two-way street: alumnae/i must see the value they realize from their connection to the college, and the college should be clear about the benefits to its mission that are realized from strong alumnae/i engagement. In order to do this, learning opportunities and other initiatives aimed at developing our increasingly diverse alumnae/i community and giving them a reason to stay connected to the college must be tailored to the different needs they have across all stages of their professional careers and personal lives.

Given their lifelong connection, graduates’ active interest in Wheaton is essential to the institution’s long-term vitality. We intend to deepen the connections between alumnae/i and the college by recognizing this special relationship during students’ undergraduate careers. We also will expand alumnae/i options for engagement with Wheaton as volunteers, mentors, philanthropists and leaders. This will require ensuring systems adequate to easily align alumnae/i interests in serving as classroom speakers, student mentors, internship sponsors, and the like.